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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  December 23, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> new this morning, flames rip through a pottstown apartment building, this two alarm fire forces people out of their homes overnight. and a giant defeat the eagles snap their easing streak with a win, early christmas present for fans despite the birds being out of the playoff race. good morning, everyone, today is friday, december 23rd, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm jan carabeo. we are getting your friday started right with a check on weather and traffic with katie and justin, it is friday, it is a holiday weekends. >> and you're planning dollars by weather people. >> nice. love it. >> we did not -- >> katie, so excited. >> yes. >> i will be wearing this between 5:30 to 6:30. >> just don't eat your
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breakfast when he puts it on. >> quiet on the roads right now, big day everyone, headed out of town, weather, looking pretty good. >> definitely does, yes, we have sunshine in store, there is, how much, system that's going to be streaking across the us brink withing it wet weather to our area for christmas eve. we'll talk much more about that as the half hour progresses, for now let's get you out the door. early morning flight, things are looking good, it is nice and quiet and clear overhead. storm scan3, making the tri-state sweep. and basically working over time. there is nothing to find out there at the moment. so there is a chill in the air certainly. but nothing terribly harsh, kind of on par with what we saw about this same time yesterday. flirting with or slightly above the freezing mark in most locations, philadelphia international airport, in fact, is sitting right at the freezing mark with pretty light wind at the moment. as we look forward, though, in the forecast here, you can expect very, very quiet weather. looks great by your travels, all looking good, down the shore, things are much the same. >> find few more clouds in the
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mound stand, still everyone stays dry, everyone expect quiet weather for now, things are about to change by the time we hit christmas eve, rain on the way, for some of you the possibility of little bit of icing. coming up we will talk about the possibility, time that out, all that good stuff so we can get you out the door for the holidays. >> water main break, columbus avenue, boulevard southbound queen street, left lane taken out. 6:00 this morning, closing the whole southbound side both lanes, heads up there, for delays in the region once again. and we take the advisory to the expressway, both directions eastbound and westbound, from broad to schuylkill, looks like closed. that should be opening shortly, as well. construction going on, and orders forward -- abbottsford forward lane, get around the zone. more construction going on west conshohocken, closed
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between bar harbor road and fayette street. up the turnpike valley forge road closed right in lansdale between morris road and sumneytown pike. alternate broad street. down south 95 northbound before 141, three lanes blocked until 5:00 this morning, there is detour around, you can get back onto 95, 495, to get around that zone. jim, we send it back over to you. >> new this morning, amount fire in montgomery county displays cents multiple adults and children. >> just after 1:00 a.m., authority responded to fire in the 400 block of high street in pottstown. "eyewitness news" has told 13 adults, seven children, displaced from the three-story apartment. no word on the cause of the fire. >> also new this morning, woman shot during home invasion in kensington. >> police say 20 year old woman opened the door to her apartment and then two men forced their way inside. it happened on the 500 block every east allegheny avenue last night. when the woman tried to force the intruders out, police say that's when they shot her.
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>> what's interesting about this home invasion shooting, just prior to these two perpetrators tossing their way into the property, shooting the victim, told by the next-door neighbors these two males knocked on his door and when he came to the door they were asking for a door not familiar to him, so he locked his door and would not let them in. >> police now looking for two suspect. >> millions of people hitting the roads and skies for the holidays. >> passengers at airports nationwide could face gridlock today after stormy weather causes delays and concellations. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live at philadelphia international airport this morning for one of the busiest travel days of the year. trang, how is it looking? >> reporter: well, so far so good, jan, jim. looking at the departure board, all schedules to leave on time, and they tell that you this is a time to be at the airport, the slowest time
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of the airport during the rest of the day. but you can see, it is really starting to back up here. take a look at the security line. though it looks kind of daunting, trust me when i tell you that the tsa is really working through this, people are getting through pretty quickly, just sipping right by. but, according to triple a, more than 103 americans will travel for this holiday travel period. most of them will travel by car. in our area, about 1.2 million people from the philly area are expected to travel as well, that is slightly more than last year. now, of that, nearly 78,000 will be using airports like this one traveling by air. philadelphia international airport expect busy day, though won't be at the level of thanksgiving. but, still, very busy day. so they are recollecting that people leave at least two hours before and get to the airport two hours before their scheduled flight. but we will be here throughout the morning, we will be checking in with triple a. as well as passengers, already
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talked to a few, and they're going to some pretty awesome destinations, back to you in the studio. >> thank you, trang. every time i go to the airport, i look up, where dow want to go? >> and the mind starts going. the travel rush is before you hit the road, rales, or head to the airport and the skies, look at the to at for travel conditions. alleluhia, eagles finally broke their five game losing streak. >> prevented the new york giants from clinching playoff spot in south philadelphia. eagles led by two touchdowns less than seven minutes into the game after malcolm jenkins returned an interception for a touchdown. the birds picked off eli manning, three times last night, including one in the final seconds, as manning and the giants tried to stage a late game come-back. the eagles win 24 to 19. >> as defense, you know, if you can score the defense, the team your winning goes out the roof. so every time we get an
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opportunity to catch the ball, pick up a fumble, we're thinking about putting in the end zone. >> even though, you know, we might be out of the playoffs or whatever division, this and that, but for us it was a chance to win a division game, number one, erase sort of the negative feeling we've had these last couple of weeks. >> carson wentz teamed one nelson agholor for 40-yard touchdown in the game, wentz also left for a few snaps after taking a hard hit in the fourth quarter. fans of course were happy the home team won. >> i just thought they played well. i really did. thought they might blow it at the end, but the defense looks up, great game. >> it is always to play anybody, especially the giants. >> and take a look at this, this morning,'s daily news, is celebrating the eagles
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interceptions, and their big win. steel seals deal. eagles against the nfc champion dallas cowboys at the linc. >> in other news this morning, named the mother of 14 year old girl as a person of interest after her adopted girl's body was found. grace packer of abington reported missing in july, her dismembered body found by two hunters on october 31 in luzerne county. the mother, sarah packer, and her boyfriend, both considered persons of interest in the case. police say they failed to provide photos of grace two months after grace's disappearance. >> we need the public's help today. we're asking publicly for all of our respective reasons for our citizens to provide us with any information that could help us solve grace's murder. >> now the mother has not been charged with murder, but is charged with endangering the welfare after child and obstruction of justice. she is being held at montgomery county prison pending trial.
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>> reality teen mom star pay tribute to their former co-star who died of apparent overdose. twenty-three year old valerie fear man found dead in a friends' bathroom wednesday in colin township, chester county. the oxford pa native arrested one week ago after attempt to go flea from police. she had appeared on the mtv reality show 16 and pregnant. she leaves behind a seven year old daughter. philadelphia police pursued car around the art museum this happened just after 7:00 last night, authorities chased the car around the art museum before stopped on spring garden street. that's after heading up the wrong way on 19th street. there is no word on any injuries or why police were pursuing that driver. >> australia, five people plotting a christmas day terror attack are stopped in their tracks and arrested. authorities say the five men are accused of planning a series of christmas day bomb attacks in mel born. this is the building where the isis inspired group was arrested last night. now police say four of the suspect were born in
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australia, the fifth is egyptian born with egyptian and australian citizenship. new video surfaces showing chaos at the christmas market in berlin as the truck plows right through the crowd. pay attention to the truck on the left side of your screen. this is dash cam video taken by taxi driver right outside after christmas market. police continue to search for the suspect this morning, amri. officials say amri seen in this video from his facebook pageant erred the country seeking asylum, he was rejected and supposed to return back in june. known as possible terror threat and had been un surveillance until september. he was also put on an us no fly list five months ago. >> back here in the united state, four weeks from inauguration day, while at his florida estate, president trump discussed nuclear weapons during policy meetings. tweeted the united state must greatly strengthen and expands its nuclear capability until
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such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes. now, trump plans to take a break and tee-off with tiger woods today at the trump international golf club in west palm beach. mr. trump makes another decision in regard to this presidential administration, kelly ann conway named white house counselor yesterday. the camden county nature live help shape the message of the trump administration. conway is the first woman to lead a winning presidential campaign. >> meanwhile, president-elect daughter ivanka was harassed by two strangers on flight from new york there is picture turned up on social media yesterday. one of the men told ivanka her father was quote ruining the country. two passengers then kicked off the plane before depart to go san francisco, the scene caused an hour delay, once in san francisco, ivanka then board add private jet with her family, it took off for hawaii short time later. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news". >> smoke fills the hallways, frightening months for new york residents inside a
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high-rise building when a fire breaks out. >> and a new jersey mail carrier is hailed as hero. hear how she saved a man's life, that's when "eyewitness news" continues. stay with us, everyon
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>> italian news agency says the man killed in milan is the berlin county suspect. amri known to authorities as possible terror threat, been under surveillance until september. we will continue to follow this developing news story. meantime, back at home here in the u.s., fire inside new york city highrise leads to some very terrible moment for resident trapped inside. this happened last night, on the city's west side. smoke filled the hallways and as you can imagine, panic set in for residents. firefighters pulled most people to stay inside of their and the, but for some people, there was no where to go but up. >> i posted on facebook and twitter we were trapped.
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the door to the stairwell was actually next to the apartment we were in. >> but it a periods to be locked. i wasn't able to open it. so i just went back into the apartment. we shut the door. we blocked the event to the bottom so smoke wouldn't come in. >> at least 21 people were injured, but most of them had been treated at hospital and released. >> the postal service salute new jersey letter carrier who delivered more than just holiday mail and packages. >> in berkley heights, union county, her nickname fittingly princess, she was working her usual route december 10th when she noticed the door of one of her customers was left open. mendez went inside and found 84 year old sal mal leo collapsed on the floor. she called 911. >> if my mom is sick, i know how it is, that's why i keep my eye on all of the people, i know how it is. >> had she not gotten there, he would not be here today. >> now, the 84 year old resident is a retired
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detective, who also spent decades working for the post office. well the time now 4:45. >> katie is here with a check on the forecast and rain on the way? >> ho-ho-ho no! >> you've been working on that one. >> yes, we do have some wet weather on the way, looks like it comes pretty early on in the holiday weekend, here, so should be long gone, as hanukkah is getting underway as well as your ride is nice and clear. at the moment seeing couple of clouds off to the west, generally nice clear sky. storm system we are tracking as the one that's going to streak across the us, bring with it our next rounds every rain. if this comes early enough, into the early morning hours of tomorrow, there will be enough cold air in place that it could start off as little icingment good synopsis of the timing how this all shakes out. showers arrive generally between the hours of 2:00 and 8:00 in the morning, somewhat scattered at the onset, will
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be steadier batch of more widespread swat of rain that moves in from about 8:00 to noon. so doing that really last minute shopping, you may need to pack some rain gear, along for that time frame. but again, if it starts off early enough, there will be enough cold air, lehigh valley, poconos specially, for it to either freeze on contact or have little bit of ice and some sleet that comes down. after 1:00, you will start to see it clear out from west to east, so the shore ends up seeing the last batch of rain, and before it pushes away, but we all do eventually clear out. speaking of clearing out, outside pleasant valley middle and high school, broad heads ville, nice and quiet, certainly not in session as we head into next week here. but regardless, very pretty shot for us up toward some of those hire terrain counties. meanwhile, looking at the seven day, it is a mild one. you know, we will take it, by the time we hit wednesday, thursday, close as seasonable we can expect for the next p days, rain on the way specially early tomorrow, and then we see another round every rain looks like headed into next week. justin? >> all right, no signs of
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arctic air. looks like it will be mild finish to the year. all right, tropic wise, looking better on the schuylkill, both directions starting to open up here . >> onramp from schuylkill east to the vine, still closed. things should open up as of 5:00. water main i shall too deal, with columbus boulevard at queen street, again, left lane taken out at 6:00. both lanes are going to be closed. new accident now near the willow grove mall, center avenue at easton road, be aware of that, close near town here, we do have construction zone, and orders forward can be abbottsford road, front street closed between bar harbor road and fayette street. valley north road closed between morris and sumneytown pike. stay with us, w
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hena daniels joins us this morning from the new york stock exchange. oprah winfrey weight loss is turning into big gains for weight watchers t seems she has the midas touch. she can do no wrong. >> everything she touches, yes. good morning, jim, jan, media mogel sent showers of the company soaring yesterday after new ad reveals she has lost more than 40 pounds while eating pasta and tacos. she had 10% steak in the weight loss company last year. >> so i understanded christmas ornaments now have smart technology, do tell, hena. >> i want. >> this so have the most wonderful ornament, that's what it is called, on your tree and track your holiday packages, the clear decoration lights up up different colors to let you know when your package has been shift. no cheating. ma have i to wait until christmas to open that gift. >> i will say when i was a kid. >> what? >> several of the toys were
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opened or things were opened under the tree before christmas. i was very good at very good at putting bake the tape, no one would ever notice. >> did you act surprised? >> thanks, hena, check in with you in the next hour. coming up after the break, we will get another check on the holiday forecast and of course those important traffic conditions. >> yes, it will be busy out there today. stay with us.
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>> kick starting the weekend with very quiet weather for you, if you have travel plans, so many of us do, i think you are looking just fine as well as sun glare, i wouldn't call that a major problem, looking at sunshine throughout the course of the day, temperatures throughout the average. storm scan nice and quiet at the moment, see the tell signs back toward the midwest, clouds beginning to build, that's sign of things eventually yet to come. but for now, expect some very quiet weather, again, on this friday, so we give you the green light. saturday morning, little bit of a different story.
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that's when we do see the possibility at least of some icing up specially to the lehigh valley and poke knowing region, simply because it starts early enough, temperatures may be cold enough to support some ice whether it is freezing rain or sleet. rain for everyone he will. so, again, expect that you are going to get slowed down. not talking about a catostrophic system here t moves through pretty quickly. then for saturday evening, hanukkah gets underway, of course santa has very important ride that night. all looks nice and clear. very quick check on that p day forecast, christmas looks great. if we're not going to have white christmas, hey, at least you have sunshine and nice trade off, justin, hereof above average high of 50. i'll take that. >> i'm with you on that. not as warm as last year, upper 60s, 07 degrees. >> far cry from that. >> hey, 6 degrees, not, 50 degrees, not too bad for this time of year. no signs of arctic air coming at us. 995 northeast looking good. looking south here at cottman, both directions, no problems all of the lanes open now, construction has ended. that's good news there. headed out of town for the holiday weekends, should be much better on 95.
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vine st. expressway both directions in good shape now. construction zone has ended. heads up though, 95, going north from newark, christianna, three lanes taken out g to the 295 exit. you can get back onto 95 to hit the 95 or 495 split, heads up, kind of hits you without knit warning there. do have the accident, near the willow grove mall, center avenue at easton road. be careful of that. still abbottsford road remains to be close the at fox street until late february. thank you, justin there is week marks the start of hanukkah. >> there is a celebration taking place at franklin square. the activities you can take part in tonight for the festival of lights. >> stuck on the tracks. train slams, how investigators were able to quickly save a woman's live just moments before. we're coming right back. stay with us.
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>> deadly fire, one person dead, more than dozen displaced after overnight two alarm fire, we'll tell you where it happened. >> headed out, today is a big travel day, tell you how conditions are at the philadelphia international airport this morning. >> giant upset, eagles take down the giants in south philadelphia. the game winning highlights. love it. today is friday, december 23rd, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm jan carabeo. >> we do have breaking news at this point, manhunt over. we are learning that suspect amri killed in a police shoot-out in milan, again, this is the suspect that is believed to have caused the incident in berlin this weekend, this past few days, at christmas market, you may
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recall german officials say he had originally injured germany seeking asylum, but rejected, authorities had also said that there was possible terror threat and had him under surveillance in september. months ago, amri put on the us no fly list. now, we turn to katie now for a check of the holiday weekends, that's good news. >> yes, and at the moment at least we are looking at very tranquil weather guys. we can expect to see temperatures rebounds to slightly above their average, four, 5 degrees above the seasonable average what we can expect for the afternoon highs. nice, quiet. because we don't really have a blanket of cloud cover overhead, to act as a natural blanket, temperatures have had a chance to drop off as you might expect. put things into motion, tri-state sweep, throw the satelite coverage on top of this, also not picking up on much, just nice clear calm, crisp start to the morning, requiring the heavy winter coat. but not necessarily as harsh as recent mornings have


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